How to Join

Joining a Minecraft Java Edition Server

  1. Launch your Minecraft Java Edition.

  2. Click on "Multiplayer" from the main menu.

  3. Click "Add Server" at the bottom.

  4. Enter the server's name and the server address

  5. Click "Done", the server should appear in your server list.

  6. Select the server and click "Join Server".

Joining a Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server

  1. Open your Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

  2. Go to the "Play" menu and then to the "Servers" tab.

  3. Scroll down and click "Add Server".

  4. Enter the server's Name, Address, and Port.

  5. Click "Save", the server will be added to your server list.

  6. Now you can select it from the list and tap "Join Server".

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